Copies & Duplications

Price List

Copies of transfers are $10 for each additional DVD.

Duplications of a dvd or cd you provide me are $10-$15 depending on packaging.

Live, Laugh, Love, Transfer!

Have Your video put on DVD Or external drive

Video Transfers

Video tapes degrade over time.  Preserve them on DVDs or external drives

Movies By Kelly

All VHS, VHS-C, 8mm cassettes, digital 8, HI 8 and mini DV tapes are $15 ($10 extra charge for tapes over 4 hours).  Mini DVDs are $10 each.  Unfinalized DVD recovery $20 each.  If unable to recover, no charge.  Now offering 8mm and Super 8 film frame by frame transfer!  $12 for every 50 feet of film.

(extra charge for rush jobs)